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Yale Law School Portrait Project

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A groundbreaking report on the challenges faced by Asian Americans in the Law


Rethinking the Model Minority Myth

Though Asian Americans are over-represented at top law schools, systemic discrimination restricts access to upward mobility in the workplace. Asians are stereotyped as obedient and passive, rarely attaining top legal positions. Authored by Yale Law School researchers, The Portrait Project is a groundbreaking report that explores these concepts with an unsentimental, quantitative approach. Isometric created a concise and objective design that parallels this intent, deploying infographics and nuanced typography that let the facts speak for themselves.

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An empirical presentation

“This new empirical study is a significant contribution to our understanding of the challenges faced by Asian Americans in the legal profession,” said Ajay K. Mehrotra, director of the American Bar Foundation and professor of law at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. “It is only by first identifying the factors that have impeded the long-term leadership success of Asian Americans that we can find potential solutions to this vexing problem.” —Yale Law School

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