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The Evolution of Contemporary Circus


For the third year in a row, we returned to Portland, Oregon to photograph the superhuman artists at The Circus Project. In a political climate marked by xenophobia and fear, the circus remains a place where everyone is welcome and everybody belongs.

We are so proud of our collaboration with this extraordinary organization and wanted to share this inspiring message from The Circus Project’s founder and artistic director Jenn Cohen:

“Circus prides itself on defying perceived limitations, pushing the boundaries of both the physical body and the social constructs that frame our reality. The evolution of contemporary circus thus inevitably demands the deconstruction of its own form, stretching the confines of the craft itself to become increasingly relevant and accessible to larger audiences. As social tensions continue to mount and the gap between factions expands, so too does the need for art forms that embrace our inner and outer diversity, empower individual expression, and inspire community.”


Isometric Studio